CADRE Rope Drum Quartet

Our goal is to provide audiences with a unique, dynamic experience of rudimental precision played on hand-made, replica rope drums. 

There are two areas of focus for the CADRE Rope Drum Quartet: Competition and Performance


  1. High level of rudimental excellence
  • Drummers share over 20 Canadian and International championships between them:
  • Snare Drums: Falconi, Miller, Mosley
  • Bass Drums: Beaumont, Mosley
  1. Compelling drum program
  • Spirit of Ontario” – Bass & Snare composition
  • Dedicated to Fred Johnson (Composed & Arranged: Paul Mosley)


  • Repertoire

…spans 300 years, from the late 1700’s to pieces written today!

  • ‘Ancients’ Selections
    • Hell on the Wabash
    • 3 Camps (version in 4/4)
    • The General
    • British Grenadiers
    • Grandfather’s Clock
    • The Downfall of Paris
  • Tribute to John S. Pratt
    • West Point Halftime
    • Stormking Blockbuster
    • Tribute to D. Berger
    • Deep River Street Parade
  • Planned for future presentation:
    • ‘Rope Drum Suite” – unique, original collection of modernized drum scores
    • Fred Johnson (compositions & arrangements)

For more information, please contact:

Paul Mosley