Fred Johnson started CADRE 20 years ago. His vision was to help preserve and promote rudimental drumming internationally and to provide support to the Canadian community of Rudimental drummers.

Fred maintains an extensive, historical music library and has created several white papers on rudimental drumming.

For example, Fred recently completed his scholarly thesis on the history and development of the iconic drum solo: “Three Camps”. This work was presented at the 2014 USARD Convention (United States Association of Rudimental Drummers) in Connecticut – supported by Paul Mosley and Nathan McLaren on rope drums.

Since its initial distribution, educators and authorities-worldwide have enthusiastically endorsed Fred and his years of research spent on the “3 Camps”.

In addition, for the past 15 years, the CADRE Drum Ensemble has performed for thousands of people, demonstrating the stirring tones and timbres that rudimental drumming uniquely provides.

The CADRE Drum Ensemble has also won the prestigious DCA (Drum Corps Associates) Percussion Ensemble World Championship an unprecedented 8 times.

CADRE thanks everyone for their years of support and hopes you’ll enjoy exploring our new website!

To learn more about CADRE or becoming a Member, please contact Fred Johnson.