CADRE Winning Record 2017

CADRE Winning Record of DCA Percussion Ensemble World Championships:

2006, 07, 08, 09, 10, 16, 17

UntitledOn Friday, September 1st, 2017, in Rochester New York, the CADRE Drum Ensemble won its seventh DCA Percussion Ensemble World Championship with a score of 95!

The eleven drummers in the 2017 championship CADRE Drum Ensemble were: Gary Gomez, Ken Miller, Brian Fazackerley, Jim Kane, John Swartz, Cliff Blundell, Ron Meyers, Steve McNamara, Josh Jarrell, Ron Huckstep and Paul Mosley.

Once again, CADRE provided a showcase for Canadian Rudimental Drumming on the international stage.

Shown below is the larger pool of Rudimental Drummers – ranked by their number of championship wins – who have also played in the CADRE Drum Ensemble:

7  Paul Mosley, Ken Miller, Gary Gomez

5  John MacDonald, Jim Kane

4  Rick Hosie, John Swartz

3  Vince Cicchine, Nathan McLaren

2  Doug Bass, Fern Lafontaine, Bob Thomson, Ron Meyers, Steve McNamara,
Josh Jarrell, Cliff Blundell, Brian Fazackerley

1  Warren Barnett, Dana Burrage, Neil Hawthorne, Ed Jacko, Ron Huckstep

 lineupPrior to 2006, other outstanding drummers included Greg Evans, Marcia Fattey, Gord Henderson, Paul Kelly, Rob Summers, Rick Tracey, and Mike Metcalfe.

Watch the 2017 Championship Performance