… by Paul Mosley

UntitledEver since its earliest days, CADRE has featured and celebrated rope drums in both performance and competitive environments. CADRE Rope Drum Quartet competed in 2005 and 2006 as members of the Connecticut Fifers and Drummers Association (organized 1885). CADRE Rope Drummers also competed in several CADRE I&E events.

Ideas for the new CADRE Rope Drum initiative began to come together in the Fall of 2017. After many discussions with Fred Johnson (CADRE President) and Orton Beaumont (CADRE Treasurer), I made the decision to switch my focus from the championship CADRE Drum Ensemble and work 100% to develop the business and musical aspects of CADRE’s revitalized rope drum program.

The overall aim is to provide drummers and audiences alike with a unique experience of warm, percussion sounds played on instruments crafted solely from natural materials… primarily wood!

There are 3 sequential phases that build upon one another:

  1. CADRE Competition Group
  2. CADRE Fife & Drum Performances
  3. CADRE Collaborative Performances

Competition Group

  • High level, rudimental precision
  • In addition to stand-alone competitions and performances, this group centers the other two phases of fife & drum and collaborative performances
    • 1st phase, learning underway
    • Drummers share over 20 Canadian and International championships between them: snare drums: Falconi, Miller, Mosley – bass drums: Beaumont, Jarrell)


  • Spirit of Ontario (immediate focus)
    • Bass & Snare ‘Drum duet’  
  • Songs of Peace & Freedom
    • Original competition piece used in Connecticut, USA
    • (2004 – 2005; first CADRE Drum Quartet; 2 snare drums: Jacko, Mosley – 2 bass drums: Hosie, McLaren (Kelly, deceased)
      • Mosley compositions & arrangements
  • Continental Beats
    • Bass drums + 3 snare drums
      • Mosley / Flowers composition; Mosley Arrangement

Fife & Drum Performances


  • Rope Drum Suite with Fifes
    • These modernized drum scores can be played with or without fifes
    • Currently pursuing leads to recruit flutes / fifes / piccolos / horns
      • Johnson compositions & arrangements
    • CADRE Library selections
      • Heritage Hands
      • Camp CADRE Reveille
        • Johnson compositions & arrangements
      • John S. Pratt Tribute-Medley
      • Historical, ancient standards

 Collaborative Performances

In planning stages; timing TBD

  • Ideas being explored and under discussion
    • Performances with other rope drum groups, acoustic musicians, and ensembles (e.g. stringed instruments, keyboards, wind instruments, choirs).

To learn more about the new CADRE Rope Drum initiative, please contact:

Paul Mosley
Music & Business Manager
CADRE Rope Drums