NEW CADRE Rope Drum Group

CADRE_Rope2The overall aim is to provide drummers and audiences alike with a unique experience of warm, percussion sounds played on instruments crafted solely from natural materials… primarily wood!

These 3 elements build upon
one another:

  1. Competition
  2. Performances
  3. Collaborative Performances

Competition – CADRE Rope Drum Group

  • High level, rudimental precision.
  • Drummers share over 20 Canadian and International championships between them:
    • snare drums: Falconi, Miller, Mosley
    • bass drums: Beaumont, Mosley
  • In addition to competing, this group centres the other two phases of fife & drum and collaborative performances
  • 1st phase of learning repertoire underway
    • “Spirit of Ontario” – Bass & Snare competition solo

Performances – Fife & Drum Repertoire

  • Rope Drum Suite – Fred Johnson compositions & arrangements
    • These modernized drum scores can be played with or without fifes
    • Currently pursuing leads to recruit flutes / fifes / piccolos / horns
  • CADRE Library selections
    • Heritage Hands
    • Camp CADRE Reveille
    • John S. Pratt Tribute
    • Historical, ancient standards

CADRE_Rope1Collaborative Performances – In planning stages. Ideas being explored and under discussion:

  • Performances with other rope drum groups, acoustic musicians, and ensembles (e.g. stringed instruments, keyboards, wind instruments, choirs).

To learn more about CADRE’s new rope drum initiative, please contact:

Paul Mosley
Team Leader
CADRE Rope Drum Group