Introduction: “THE PERFECTIONISTS” by: Ken Mazur.

Over the past few years, we have had several conversations with Ken about rudimental drumming. Many of you – who did not previously know Ken – had the opportunity to meet and talk to him when he attended and lectured at the 2004 CADRE Shake in Hamilton. Ken is, to say the least, a fervent supporter of rudimental drumming.

Ken has spent a great deal of time researching and documenting the art form’s history. I have had many conversations with him about the subject and we have been exchanging information for his soon to be published book entitled “The History of Rudimental Snare Drumming”. His article: “The Perfectionists” appeared in the April 2005 “Percussive Notes” published by the Percussive Arts Society. Ken has given permission for its use on the CADRE web site. This is an extremely well-written piece and sets out an important part of our rudimental heritage. Once you have read it, you will appreciate Ken’s personal time, effort and expense. Please take the time to download the PDF file. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks Ken for a job well done. On behalf of CADRE and its members, all the best.
Fred Johnson