The following article was published in the “DRUMMERS CALL” Summer Issue 2005. Drummers Call is the Journal of the Corps of Drums Society from England. CADRE is a member of the Corps of Drums Society.
I thought the article was very interesting. Possibly someone reviewing our web site may have some information re stick specifications etc. Please direct any information to CADRE via the web site. I have sent an email to Andy Lamb re establishing contact with his colleague at the Canadian Conservation Institute.


I am the Museum Assistant at the Bate Collection of Historical Musical Instruments at the University of Oxford. I have had an inquiry from a professional colleague in the Canadian Conservation Institute regarding specifications for historical military drum sticks. It seems that some British Army drumsticks have been recovered from a wreck site on one of the Great Lakes. We are seeking to discover of there are any specification regulations of the late 18th century or early 19th century that might give guidance regarding general dimensions and material characterisation. Do we know what species of timber was used in the manufacture of military drum sticks.

I would be grateful if you could publish this query in your journal in the hope that one of your members or readers might have some insights on this subject.
Andy Lamb – Bate Collection of Historical Instruments, University of Oxford.