Rudimental Solos For Accomplished Drummers

By: John S. Pratt

RudSoloThis book contains nineteen solos and a “forward” by Robin Engleman.
At last some of John’s classic solos are finally published. My favourite is still “Tribute To Doctor Berger” written in the late 1950″s.

“Berger” is a hybrid between North American and Swiss writing, not easy to play correctly, and, in my opinion, still the best Pratt solo ever. If you are looking for “trademark/classic Pratt writing, you won’t be dissapointed, however, you will really appreciate his new challenges work, some of which has been written in the late 1990’s.

“Westbrook Muster” is a sheer challenge. “Roughing The Downfall of Paris” is another but different challenge. Canadian rudimentalists should take note that four solos are dedicated to Canadian rudimental drummers and one to the CADRE organization. This is a world rudimental first!! Some beautiful and demanding drumming.
Highly recommended………buy it!!

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